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Welcome everyone!!!!

So I’ve finally taking the dive into blogging. I have wanted to do this for years now, but couldn’t quite figure out how to get started. Luckily, I have a Room-mate that majored in this area, or I would still be stuck at square one. This was my opening from 2012...when I started this blog. Wow! Time flies!!! I went strong for three years. Blogging my love for books and meeting awesome people. Then I moved to New York after college and lived it up. I had no time to blog my love for books. Well... It's the end of 2019 and I've recently moved back home to Texas and I'm finally settled in my work and home. I have decided to start blogging again. Yay!!!

This blog will be devoted to all things books! Here I will post my own personal reviews over the books that I read, and enjoy. I like to think of myself as a “well-rounded reader” because I read books from every genre, but my personal favorites are: Romance (of any kind), Fantasy/Science fiction, and Young adult (of any kind)...So mostly you will see reviews catered to those categories. I will also be adding my trips to cool places around the DFW and my love for plants!!! If you are interested in plants, books and sites around the DFW then this is the place for you. Welcome!!!! I hope you stay for a while.





  1. Hi Crystal

    I think that you've got a great blog here and noticed that your favourite genres include fantasy and young adult.

    My first book, The Legend of Finndragon's Curse fits into both of those and I would love it if you could review it for me, either in your blog or on Amazon, or even both.

    I would send you a free pdf version which you can read on any ereader if you agree.

    This is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006P9M5KI?ie=UTF8&force-full-site=1.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi! We are new followers. Check us out here:

  3. Hye Crystal! Just stopping by to say hello!
    I love your blog design! It's simple and neat.
    I enjoy reading your review. Keep it up!
    Let's chat more yeah? :D

  4. Hi Crystal. I came by your blog on Goodreads. Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    I have signed to follow your blog and I already have it on my pages at
    If you'd like to follow me, too, I'd be happy. I live in Romania, Dracula's country, East Europe. Are you interested to read a paranormal romance, my 4th December release, Shadows of the Past?
    If your answer is affirmative, please leave me a comment at my blog, please. It's an e-book so I can send yo a PDF file.
    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,
    Carmen Stefanescu

  6. Hi, Crystal!
    I'm a new follower and definitely looking forward to reading more reviews!
    Love your blog design; very chic :)


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