If you'd like to contact me, to ask a question, give a suggestion, or send a can email me at:

Currently accepting books for review as well as a quest post, excerpt, or interview.. if your book fits with my blog :D

All  my reviews consist of a description of the novel (obtained from Goodreads), a picture of the jacket cover, and my opinion on the novel. All my reviews are  generally cross-posted to Goodreads and My reviews are based on my own personal thoughts and feeling about the book. My thoughts can be either negative or positive
Disclaimer: I do not receive compensation for my reviews. Sometimes I  may receive review copies from a publisher.

My favorite genres to read are:
  •          YA (of any kind)
  •          Romance
  •        Science fiction/fantasy
  •          Paranormal
  •          Contemporary fiction

Review copies I will accept:
  •          ARC
  •         Galley
  •       Finished copy      
  • I do accept self-published books