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Title: Forward Passes
Author: Jami Davenport
Pub Date: October 4,2012
Number of Pages: 284

Quarterback Tyler Harris is about to find the woman who can get past his defensive line and reach his heart. With two championships in as many years, superstar Tyler Harris is the best quarterback in the league. Gorgeous and rich, he’s at the top of his game. But everyone’s looking to take him down. There’s a building media frenzy around an unfortunate accident, and the only safe place seems a rundown mansion deep in the San Juans and owned by his late great uncle. There, Tyler gets sacked by the sassy redhead next door. It’s more alive than he’s felt in years. Lavender Mead has a good reason to dislike jocks, namely an absentee father who deserted the family to coach college football. Maybe that explains her penchant for bad boys who play ball for a living and break hearts for a hobby. Her new neighbor seems just the type. Yet, something is different about Tyler, and sometimes love requires a Hail Mary. You draw back your arm, pray…and give it all up to fate. And sometimes you win your ring.

 First Thoughts
The reason I wanted to read Forward passes is mainly due for my love of contemporary! I love the whole big shot, famous celebrity, for some reason gets stuck in a small town and ends up changing for the better!!

My thoughts
“Forward passes” was my kind of romance! Tyler is the insanely gorgeous, arrogant, and a football superstar. He is in his prime with both his age, and career. He is a two time super bowl winner yet he feels empty. Lavender is alone. She didn’t have the best life, but it slowing gets better when at 29 she meets a man that she builds a strong connection to. He turns out to be the grandfather she didn’t have, and together they cure each other’s loneliness. But when he suddenly dies she is left alone with his cat, and his arrogant nephew, who just so happens to be Tyler! Both of their lives just got a little more interesting!

From the Beginning you can tell that Lavender and Tyler have some pretty explosive chemistry, and boy did it not disappoint. It was Hot, Hot, and Hot!! They had scenes were you could feel the heat, and then scenes where you couldn’t help but laugh, these two main characters complimenting each other in the perfect way, and they leave you wanting more long after the ending.

Forward passes blends together a strong cast mixed with sizzling main characters, a great supporting cast, and everyday issues, lost, and love.

Overall this was a great contemporary romance novel.  I recommend it to all romance lovers!

Author Bio

There are two things I've always wanted to do since I was a young child: to write books and to ride horses. The riding I've been doing for years. Until recently, I only dabbled in writing. I completed my first story at the age of five. I titled it "Wildfire" (about a horse, of course) and illustrated it myself. I still have the book stowed away in the attic somewhere. I've written stories all of my life. They were my secret garden, my escape from the realities of the world. I never shared them with anyone. I'd hide them away and bring them out when the mood struck me. I frequented several fan fiction sites on the Internet. As I was reading those stories, I thought I can do that. Four years ago, I posted my first two chapters on a fan fiction site. My hands shook. My stomach lurched. NEVER had I let anyone read my stories before. What if my writing was garbage? What if everyone hated it? It was a soul-baring moment. Fortunately, they loved it. It became quite popular. Several people who'd befriended me on that fan fic site encouraged me to pursue my writing on a more professional level.

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  1. Thanks so mucgh for hosting me on your blog and for the wonderful review!!! I'm so glad you liked Tyler and Lavender's story.

    1. I loved their story! I can't wait to read more books from you!


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