Back online!!!

Hello guys!!!! I'm back after two months of no blogging, which was not my fault!! I let my domain expire and it's been a month and a half of me going back and forth between Google for business and the company I purchased the website from. Word of advice, don't let your ip address expire!! for a second there I  gave up and decided I was through, because you can't contact Google unless you have a paid account. But tonight by some miracle, and with the kelp of my best friend, we figured it out!!! YAY ME!! 

So I'm back and I hope you guys haven't gotten about my little blog!


  1. Oh yay! I soooo hate internet/computer issues! Have plenty of those and I am soooo not compatible with technology!

  2. ^^ how could we forget you? glad to see you back^^ ( and i'm not compatible with technology either so *finger crossed* )


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