Welcome to New York!!!!!!!

Moving to New York has been the greatest, most terrifying, thing I've ever done!!!

Hello Loves!!!

So I moved to New York from Texas two weeks ago and OMG was it Crazy!!! The plane ride was awesome and the views AMAZING!!! But once you land it's like OMG I'm here and that's scary. So my roommate and I both had three luggage's,each( crazy). Finding a cab to take us to our airbnb place was soooo stressful!!! But once we got there and settled everything was great!

So why has the two weeks been both amazing and terrifying you ask? Well it was coupled with enjoying the city,trying to find jobs and an apartment. And it felt like this place was just feeding on my spirit; little by little. It was like all of the research I did to prepare for this move was moot at this point! But after talking to friends and my parents(boy did they help) I realized that I could do this. So now it's been two weeks and I have interviews lined up and an amazing sublet until February!!!! So queses what people?!  This Transplant is here to stay!!!!!

So here are 3 tips I've learned in my short Two weeks here!!!

1.If you are using public transportation, know your stops and transfer before you get on or you will be lost and/or your commute will change from 30 minutes to an hour and a half!

2.if you have somewhere you can cook, then cook! Eating out will consume all of your money.FAST!!!!!!

3. Enjoy yourself!!!!! You're in New York!!!

1 thing I did before I moved that I felt made the move a little less stressful

1. Save! Save! Save!!!! I can not stress this enough!  I'm a person that has to know my next move and plan ahead so that I'm not surprised if anything changes. So I can't just move somewhere without a plan or MONEY!! So I saved up money so that I could live comfortably for six months here before worrying! I did this by making a budget of all of my bills, the average rent in the areas I wanted to live, and a small "what if things don't go as planned fund"! It gives me a better piece of mind!


  1. Welcome to NYC!!!! It's a great place. I'm a native (though I live across the water in NJ now, but I'm in Bergen County, so it's close and I'm always in the city).


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