I'm Back!! Miss Me?


Hello loves!!! I'm back! So, here is an update on my life since... I haven't blogged in nine months( Sorry). I've graduated college,moved back home, and have been saving money like crazy so that I can move to............ NEW YORK!!!!  Seeing that the cost of living in New York is drastically higher than the cost of living here in Texas, I've literally been doing nothing but work,work, and more work. So that I can save up enough money to survive in New York for at least six months without stressing, since I'm going without a JOB!!!!  I've been researching everything about NYC so I feel that I'm kind of prepared for the challenges it will throw at me and my two best-friends that are moving with me! 

Updates on the Blog

So, since I started this blog it's had it's ups and downs, and I think it affected me A LOT! I went from enjoying reading, to it feeling like it was a chore because I had to write these long reviews on every book. So I've decided to make some changes that I feel would help me never get bored with blogging, again. 

1. I will only we writing one review a week on the blog

2. I'm going to look for a Co-blogger so that my blog never goes Ghost for months at a time,again!

3.Lastly, this is a big one . I will be going from a BOOK blog to a LIFESTYLE blog or a catch all blog. I'm a books,gamer,and products kind of girl and with me just reviewing books it got boring, pretty fast. I'm going to start blogging about books, the subscription boxes I get, product reviews from influenster, and my new life in New York! Understand that Getlostinfiction will still be mostly book related,but with labeling it  a lifestyle blog, when I randomly throw in a non book related post, you have an understanding of why!With that said, I understand if a lot of you un-follow because the formula you liked has now changed. I will be sad to see you go(don't go), but I feel this new formula will work better for me!


Monday- I will have a new releases post(Books)
Tuesday- Teaser Tuesday
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- Book Review
Sunday- Sunday Post

Throughout the week I will have post on book tours that I'm signed up with(promoted). Also post on my life as a Transplant, and product review when I receive things from influenster, and every two weeks a post on my subscription boxes.

PLUS - Since I will be in New York( moving late October) I will have lost of opportunities that I didn't have before to attend book signings, and book conventions, so I will give you post on that as well!

Thanks for reading all of that!! If you have any questions or just want to talk. Just leave a comment!!! 

P.S I will start actively blogging again First Week in October!!!!!


  1. So glad you're back. We've missed you. OMG YASS Come to New York!! There are always a lot of big events happening around here. I should think about doing a lifestyle blog too, but we both know how full our schedule gets when you've got dozen of blog tours to finish and catch up with. Hope you find a co-blogger. I'd love to do it, but my schedule will just not allow it. Anyone would be lucky enough to work with you. Good luck and congrats on graduating!!! *yelps*

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz


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