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So being apart of the blogging community has helped me a lot in this short amount of time.Everyone is so supportive of each other(at least the ones I've befriended) and they genuinely want to help you with any questions you may have. So this is a big thanks to the bloggers who go out of their way to answer emails, and have helpful tips on their blogs.Thanks! you guys where a big help!!! Special thanks to Michelle over at BookBriefs :D

So before blogging I had no Idea what Netgalley was and now I love it! Yesterday on twitter someone mentioned edelweiss? still trying to figure that one out, and ARC (which scare the crap out of me,I don't think I could ever send an email to a publisher,I mean I'm a nobody haha) At least on Netgalley a don't have to see anyone,right? So again Thanks to ALL of the bloggers who helped me discover these sites!!!

Thanks to my Roomie/Bestie SavannahSmiled who designed my site.Cause without her I probably would have just made this one solid color. Cause that's all I knew how to do at the time LOL. I'm learning now :D 

Thanks to my new twitter friend Brenna over at EverAfterEsther  who told me to keep a blog journal and take notes while reading to help with reviews.So I will hopefully be writing better reviews!

Also thanks to everyone who tagged be in the Liebster award :D I really did appreciate it I just didn't have time to answer everyone's individual questions but I did do a post of the first two people who tagged me. It can be found here. Really thanks again :D you guys, so sorry I didn't answer all questions :(

And last but not least,Thanks to all of my lovely follows, You guys are the best and you make me smile!!!!

Random Discussion questions 

1.How do you write your reviews? do you take notes,or just write after you're finished with book?

2.About how many books do you guys read in a week?

3. Who's your favorite author of ALL time?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. First, You're the sweetest ever.
    Second, I love your video!
    Third, questions:
    1. I read a lot of books with characters who have odd names that I won't remember how to spell later, so I usually write down character names as I read. This way I don't have to flip back later (especially for an eBook because that's oober annoying). In terms of the rest of the review, I don't write anything down until I've finished with the book.

    2. I only read one book at a time. I know a lot of bloggers who read several, but I read so quickly that it makes more sense to read one at a time. This way, I can finish the review quicker and get it out to everyone! Maybe this will change with time, but at this point, one at a time.

    3. Holy moly...ALL TIME?! My favorite authors are constantly changing (being added to...) but Laurell K. Hamilton began my love affair with all things paranormal and I respect her work a lot. So today, I'll go with that answer. :)

  2. I have an account at Netgalley but I haven't used it yet. I have no idea what I'm suppose to do on there and I just thought that because I'm only a new blogger there wasn't any point (low stats and all). I'm glad to hear that you've had some success with it though!

    As for reviews, I think that creating a reading journal is a great idea. I normally write my reviews after I finish a book. I like to get started on them fairly soon because my memory is terrible. Reviews don't come easy for me, like it usually takes a good couple of hours to have written a 300 word review. I think having notes to refer to would make the whole process easier.

  3. 1. I write my reviews by taking notes either on notepads or on sticky notes. Then I transfer them to Microsoft OneNote and make cohesive sentences. Then I copy/paste and edit it somehow make a review out of it.

    2. I read pretty slow and can knock out 2 books a week. I usually start a few and then decide which ones I want to finish.

    3. It's so hard for me to pick a favorite author. I like all of them either for their books or for their personalities !

  4. Awww. You're too kind. You're welcome roomie :) Now, STOP messing with the widths...making me crazy :D

  5. *WAVES* Hey girly! I know I've said this before, but I love your blog. The layout and coloring is too cute. Thanks rommie for the help.

    Above you mentioned something about edelweiss. I'm on their mailing list. I'm on alot of publisher mailig lists so I can't tell you how I got on all of them. Any who go here to join edelweiss mailing list: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001G-m9hYzMdQPWCyMMlzydkg%3D%3D

    You'll have to start an account similar to NetGalley to start getting galleys.

    If the link don't work, hit me up on twitter and I'll email it to you. (@studiokd3)

    Now on to your questions:

    1.How do you write your reviews? do you take notes,or just write after you're finished with book?

    I'm sporatic. I rarely take notes because I think faster then I write, and I had to stop reading just to write down my thoughts. Recently I started carrying around a voice recorder. So if you're ever in DC on the metro look to your left....yep that's me taking to myself...lol...jk! So far the voice notes are really helping.

    2.About how many books do you guys read in a week?
    I used to be able to say 3, but now-a-days I'll be lucky to say 2. I can always at least say 1.

    3. Who's your favorite author of ALL time?
    Keri Arthur. I really loved the Reily Jenson Guardian Series.


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