So I've never been to a book conference or anything close to the magnitude of BEA. In fact I didn't know BEA existed until I became a blogger and read all the amazing post about this event. Before I would just buy books and if an author was in my area, go to a book signing. But I never knew they were something bigger than a single author book signing. Man was I missing out!

The blogging community has taught me sooooooo much! About ARC, Net galley, and above all their reviews has helped me select the best books for me!

I recently talked to Michelle over at Book briefs about BEA because in one of her post she stated that she was attending this year. And she was so helpful!!!! I wanted to know if anyone could attend or was it like an exclusive party you had to be invited too. I found out anyone can go but it’s very costly. So I decided to start small, if I was going to attend one of these events. She told me about Mid-Summer ALA, and guess what people; it’s in Dallas, Texas. Like 30minutes from my school. How amazing is that?
So I might me going to (more than like will be going) to Mid-Summer ALA !!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!
Who else is going to a book conference/book trade fair this year????