Review for There are Reasons Noah Packed No clothes By Robert Jacoby

I was suppose to review this like a month ago, what a horrible blogger :( But I left the book at home at the start of Christmas break and just got the copy back in my hands Yesterday. So The First thing I did was read it so that I can get my review up today!!

P.S please stick with me guys this semester has just started and I haven't really got my schedule together :(

Title: There Are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes
Author: Robert Jacoby
Pub Date: October 4,2012
Number of Pages: 342

You need your eyes, don't you? So does Richard Issych. Two weeks ago he overdosed. Now he's fighting for his life, finding threatening notes like that one on his nightstand. "There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes" is the story of 19-year-old Richard Issych, who wakes to a harsh new reality inside an inpatient unit. Now Richard's journey turns into one of revelations and struggling through his own reasons for being as he discovers new meanings for redemption, sacrifice, hope, love-and the will to live. In the end, what are the reasons Noah packed no clothes? Richard can only imagine. But it has something to do with a size 3XL bowling shirt with the name "Noah" stitched over the pocket. There are reasons . . . everyone uses his own dictionary. There are reasons . . . some new heavens come from some new hells. There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes

First Thoughts
 I was contacted by the author to review this book and at first I was a little hesitant because lately I had been reading nothing but romance books, with a happy ending.  This book sounded like a book with depth and many layers that I would have to maybe read and re-read in order to get the full meaning. After getting over my initial hesitation I agreed to review the book and I'm happy that I did. It was a change of pace from what I'm used to, but it was a welcome change, and sometimes you need change to stay sane.

My Thoughts
There Are Reasons Noah Packed No clothes is about a 19 boy named Richard Issych. He's just been admitted to the Lake-view Psychiatric hospital because he recently tried to commit suicide again, for the fifth time. This time his parents are fed up, so they get him to sign himself in to the center. Once there he discovers an assortment of characters, which all have different problems and are there for a wide range of reasons. Robert Jacoby brings each character to life through his writing and kept me engaged from start to finish.

What I liked most about this book was the way the author didn't "sugarcoat", or omit certain elements to turn this into a "cookie cutter" novel that has a happy ending at the end and makes us believe that everything is fine and dandy, and your problems can be solved fairly easily, and that life is basically a fairy tale. This novel shows the real signs of depression and how those problems affect's their life.

So as I stated earlier I really enjoyed this book and about 30 pages in I discovered way I like this book so much, and that was because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies girl interrupted. Just like that film they both take place in a patient facility they have a host of colorful characters, and the story just feels both raw and real.

Overall, There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes is a great read! It made me laugh, cry, and in the end I was left wondering. I read the last five pages maybe three times and I was still left with a couple of questions, and later found myself still thinking about this book after the fact.  To think I almost passed on this book and ending up really enjoying it. It's not a light read by any means but I recommend it.

P.S I love the cover, especially the art on the back. I think it really goes well with the story!!!


  1. I love books that draw out your emotions and this sounds like the author did a great job of telling this story..awesome review and good luck this semester!

  2. This sounds so so good! Loved the movie, Girl Interrupted, too:)

    Lovely review:)


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