Feature & Follow #9

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Q: Worst Cover? What is the worst cover of a book that you've read and Loved

A: Oh man! That's tough. I'm a cover person(I know its bad) but if I don't like the cover I don't read it! But I also, almost like most covers I see so I guess my answer sucks! LOL I will think on this in update later.

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  1. I'm with you - I'm a huge cover person. And it's kept me from reading some of my favorite books until MUCH later than I would have otherwise.

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  2. I always feel so ashamed because I always (and I mean always) judge books by their cover. It's literally some sort of disorder!
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  3. Fair enough, with so many books out there, skipping a couple won't be much of a problem.

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  4. LOL, don't worry, you're not the only one who judges a book by it's cover! ;)
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  5. I am the exact same way!! I can't help that I'm a cover whore :( I have picked up a few not so awesome covers but the books didn't really leave me reeling for a week either *shrugs* great answer :)

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  6. Hi Crystal, I have to agree! I tend to avoid books if I don't like the cover ;)

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  7. New follower. I can see how it would be hard to name a book when you don't read them if you don't like the cover. Lol. I'm mostly like that too, but I will make exceptions.

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  8. I completely avoid books with a bad cover unless they have come very highly recommended! We're such a fickle bunch aren't we? ;)
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  9. Covers are huge for me too. I have one with a smexy guy on the ground with baby pigs???? Book covers need to say something about the story.

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  10. I'm also a huge cover person.

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  11. Yeah this was pretty tough. But my answer to this came pretty quickly actually!

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  12. Same thing I did over at my blog. :(
    I am such a cover person.
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  13. Totally know what you mean! I couldn't think of any that I out-and-out hated. Instead, I went with some that just could have been better. Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Old Follower) Happy Friday! :D

  14. Its hard to find really bad covers now adays... but I have to admit, I'm a cover lover. If I hate the cover, I oftentimes won't pickup the book. :/ Bad I know but its the way it goes.
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  15. It is hard to pick one. But I know I have read books with bad covers. It'd be hard to love every cover.

  16. Me too i found it really hard :L
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  17. I found this question hard too, because most of the time - and I hate it - I base my pick on the cover..

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  18. Same here! I try to follow the "Don't judge a book by it's cover" saying but I can't help it! New Follower!

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  19. I totally agree with you! I kind of had trouble thinking of a book cover that I didn't like much.

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