Random Buzzers

So I don't know if other publishing companies have this but Random buzzers is a fun site where readers can connect with other readers and authors.

At random Buzzers you can participate by doing quizzes,cool contest, activities, and write book reviews. And while doing all of this you will be earning points that you can use in their store to purchase books and Swag! And with enough points some items are even signed :D

If this seems to interest you then sign up, and if you click the little badge
 you can also help me reach the next level by using me as a referral! (I would really appreciate it :D)
Plus it's pretty cool! And who doesn't like the chance to get free books?

See you there!!!!


  1. Thanks for the awesome website Crystal! Signed up using your referral!

    -Grace :)

    1. Thanks!! It's pretty cool. I think if you like reading and free things than it's the best LOL

  2. Great tip! Thanks for the link, Crystal! :D


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