2013 Reading Challenge?

Hello All, hope you're having a lovely day thus far! We are in the final days of 2012 and moving on to a new year, and like every new year comes different challenges that we vow to do before the start of the next year. Last year my "resolutions"  were to start a blog, stop swearing,save money, and run two miles a day.I only completed one of those resolutions, and seeing as you are now viewing this blog, you know which one. haha!

Other that that, I also challenged myself to read 100 books. I found goodreads in may, and I wonder how I never knew a site like that existed for book nerds/lovers like myself, but once I found the site I entered into their 2012 reading challenge. Since May I've read 78( of the ones I remembered to add to my reading shift). Before may, I really can't tell you how many I've read, but I do know its well over one hundred. So this year I've decided to aim higher. My new goal will be to read 200 books, sounds like a lot right? But I must aim high! If I don't reach that number, so be it, but if I do, great!!! Also I want to participate in a lot of  other reading challenges that my fellow bloggers are hosting. So I will be going around the blogosphere looking for challenges to enter, and once I've entered I will make a post about all of my 2013 reading challenges

So what are some of your reading challenges for 2013? How many books are you striving to finish this year?


  1. You should look at A Novel Challenge: http://novelchallenges.blogspot.com/
    They list a wide variety of yearly challenges for 2013.
    I'm planning to read 126 books because I want to be able to read comfortably but I already think I'm going to pass that by a mile. Good luck!

  2. I don't know how you girls do it, I am down to my final two books out of 80 from my goodreads challenge I am barely making it.
    I respect your ability to read books as fast as you do, and I guess part of your super advance reading is because you don't get mad with the books like I do, we need to take some time out and the continue from time to time.
    Best of luck with your challenges Crystal and Adriana :)


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