Cover Reveal!!

So today Harlequin Teen Posted the cover for Belonging witch is the sequel to Temptation the Amish romance novel that came out earlier this year.I love reading or watching anything that has to do with Amish culture so the first book was highly anticipated for me and this one is right at the top for for new releases I'm looking forward to in the new year!!! So hear it is!!! Isn't it pretty! or at least I think so! What do you guys think?



  1. It is very pretty, and i am curious about this one!

  2. Yeah the cover is pretty and quite mysterious.
    Hope you'll get this book soon. ;D

  3. The only book I've ever read about Amish culture was Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult... I'm very interested in reading more and will definitely be checking this out!

    And omggg the cover... is so... gorgeous. The photography was very well done!

    1. Plain truth was pretty good! Amish Culture intrigues me :D


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