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Question for June 28, 2012

Who taught you to read???

I love this question!

My answer: My mother. She reads just as much as I do, if not more.Our house is a like a  library! Last year instead of a normal present like shoes,or clothes,or an iPod. She brought me a bookcase and I loved it!!! None of our friends in family understand our love for books.They always ask if we're bored reading all day.But reading is like our special thing,If we don't have anything else to talk about, we can always go back to that.


  1. Crystal I can completely relate. I too have always loved to read. I remember walking to the library (mind you this was during the time that dinosaurs still roamed the earth, cause I'm an old woman0saurus), and bringing home tons of books. I was content to just sit on the porch and read. Mama would sometimes make me go and play. Used to hate that. Who the heck wanted to run around when they could relax and read? Hmmm. Guess I had the makings of a couch potato even then!

  2. Sorry, didn't even answer the question. You know I don't really know. My grandmother read ALL THE TIME, but I don't recall specifically being taught by her. At some point, I just knew how. Sorry....

  3. I love how reading is your special thing with your mother Crystal! It's the same for me as well so I know how unique and amazing that type of a bond can be!(:

    Ivy Book Bindings

  4. What I lovely answer, it's nice to have something special with your mum.
    My BTT

  5. My mother is the reason why I love reading so much even though we have very different tastes in books! Thanks for sharing. You sound like you have a lovely relationship with your mother :)

    Here's my BTT post:


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