"Shopping for love" by Lynette Sofras

Pub Date: June 5, 2012
Kindle edition: Amazon 

Emma Bennett is a primary school teacher that goes to the market every Friday to shop for her elderly neighbor, Joan. Greg harper is a divorcee and father of two, he also shops at the supermarket every Friday for is elderly grandfather, Jack. After they spot each other while looking for tomatoes, they are instantly attracted to each other. The third time they see each other he has his kids Sophie & Toby, but these kids are familiar, in fact she teaches one of them. From there their relationship is anything short of a roller-coaster ride.

We have Emma's sketchy ex-boyfriend Bailey, that just will not go away. He also takes a keen interest in Greg because of his job. We have the jealous ex-wife Josie, who thinks she can do whatever she pleases, and tries to break them up. They have so many factors against them, yet they make it work.

My Thoughts
I enjoyed "shopping for love"! I felt the characters were realistic, and that the story flowed at a nice even pace. It was well-written, fairly decent in length, and packed the perfect blend of both romance and drama. Emma and Greg were sweet together. The children were cute and also provided some pretty funny moments (since they tend to talk before thinking).Emma's relationship with friend and fellow teacher Jenny, was a delight to read. I looked forward to their little moment's together .Last but not least, I hated both Bailey and Josie, but you're supposed to hate the mischief-makers.Only problem I had with this book was I felt the ending was a little rushed.I wanted more.
Overall, it was a pretty good book, I laughed, and I cried, all while rooting for the happy ending.

I'm in love with the cover art; initially that's what lured me to this book. I'm a sucker for an appealing cover.

4 stars!!
Characters: 4/5
Writing/error: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Ending: 4/5
Would I recommend it: Yes!


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