Questions from the Newbie???

So I only just started my blog a couple days ago and I still have some MAJOR questions, that I need answers too, because I want to make my blog the best it can be J
1..     When I get a new follower, how do I check out their blog because it only gives me the option to add as friend or send message etc…
2.  What are some things I can do besides reviews?
3. What is teaser Tuesday and wish list Wednesday’s etc…?



  1. If you click on someones picture under "Members", it will often list their blog address. Sometimes, people don't have their blogs in their profile, so you can't find them. Unless someone knows of another way- I'm a new blogger too.

    1. Thanks!

      That's a big problem I'm having.I try to follow everyone back but I can't if I don't know their blog, and most of the time I don't see their blog under their profile :(

  2. There's not really a way to find people if they don't have their blog listed on their profile. If all else fails I guess you can Google their name and see what comes up.
    A site that helps me find bloggers that follow me and I can't find their blog is Sometimes they have account on their and they list their blog links.
    If all else fails you can post something asking people to leave links to their blogs so you can find them if you haven't followed them yet.
    Teaser Tuesday and Wishlist Wednesday are just meme's created by bloggers who have been blogging for a while. On Teaser Tuesday you post a teaser quote for a book that has yet to be released. On Wishlist Wednesday you post what books you want to buy when they come out. You post these meme's when the respective day comes around.
    Hope that answered your questions!

    1. Sorry, I kind of contradicted myself there...
      And I forgot to mention that when you post a meme make sure you put a link to the original blog that made it up.

    2. Awesome!I'm trying to figure out this whole "blogger" thing, and that really helped me.

      Thanks so much for stopping by :D


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