Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story by Rachel K. Burke

Pages: 214
Pub date:
January 13, 2012
Genre: YA, Romance

Renee is an avid music loving, who decided to move to LA with her best-friend Justine right after high school. At 25 everything seems to be going well in her life. She has the job of her dreams as a music journalist, a good relationship with her boyfriend David, and her best-friend of over ten years by her side. Nothing can go wrong, right? WRONG.  She walks in on her boyfriend and best-friend in bed together. After that, the next logical thing to do is run. So she goes back home to Boston to start her life over.
Once settled into her new apartment she meets Dylan, the silent rocker guy. They get off on the wrong foot, seeing as she backs into his car. But, they later build a friendship that soon turns into love.

My thoughts
“Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story” is a cute and humorous book that brings that perfect balance of music and love!

At the beginning of the book I loved Renée and Justine’s interactions. They had the perfect friendship. They decided to move across country together, they lived together; their friendship was picture-perfect. That’s why it was so hard for me to see Justine sleep with Renee’s boyfriend. I really wanted to know her reasoning behind her actions (which we learn later on in story)

In the middle once we starting seeing her relationship with Dylan develop, I was so cheerful because I wanted Renee happy. Plus they had so much in common; you could just tell they were meant to be. Their relationship was both realistic, and complicated. It wasn’t just the typical girl meets guy, girl and guy fall in love, and everyone is happy. No! They had a few obstacles keeping them from being together; their ex’s who won’t go away, a career that’s just taking off, and a few basic misunderstandings.

The only things I didn’t enjoy was the amount of time it took Renee to tell him this big secret, but it all came together in the end, so no harm done.

Overall, this was a good story! I give it 4.5 stars

Characters: 4/5 … Sometimes Renee was a bit ignoring
Writing/error: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Ending: 4/5
Would I recommend it: Yes!