UPDATE: For blog!!Using one of my favorite shows

Wednesday : I will have a review up for Glitch along with her surprise sister
Thursday: I will have a review up for Poughkeepsie
Friday: My review for City of Lost Soul will be up
In between all that I will be doing the normal MEME's

P.S yes my college roommates and I are a group of twenty-somethings and we all love The Legend of Korra
BTW I don't own any of these images. I just find them entertaining!


  1. That season finale was just insane.I mean Tarrlok and AMON, my favorite character Lei getting her bending back. I could talk about it all day LOL

  2. YAY!!! I finally found someone to share my love for Avatar!!! The ending was so epic! Aang... oh how I've missed you! It's weird to think that he's not the little 12 year old kid anymore and katara is all old and "the greatest healer in the world"! They're all grown up now!! And I wonder if we'll be seeing Zuko anytime in the next season... I read online that he's still alive and General Iroh must be his son or grandson... Okay eeep! Love this show lol!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

    1. I know that finale was soooo jam packed. I didn't see half of those things coming! I hope we get to see Zuko he was my favorite(all of them are really).

      I read online somewhere that Korra would only have two seasons(books) and I almost cried :(

    2. WHAT?!?! Only 2 seasons?! How could they do this to us! Avatar is the only way I cling to my childhood lol (sad but true)

      Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story


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