I think I have a problem!! :D

Let me rephrase that. Other people think I have a problem. And I can see why because it is now 5:00am and I’m still up reading. I can stay up all day and night reading. Does anyone else have this problem? LOL
I starting using my Kindle in February but since I was still in classes, I wasn’t reading a lot. But, right when finals were over, I started reading on average two books a day, insane right? I have decided that the kindle, nook, ipad, or any other kind of tablet needs to come with a warning label.It’s so easy to buy books, you don’t realize how much money you have spent until you've brought five books, and read them in three days.

Purchasing this tablet is bad for your health and wallet!  It will cause you to have irregular sleeping patterns, and occasionally have you randomly laughing out loud.  


  1. I know!! I just love my kindle but thankfully I've been good with buying books. I get them from authors, publishers and the library so thankfully I've had plenty to read right now. Have you checked to see.if your library has e-books?

  2. I love my Nook. I can't believe I fought against getting an ereader for so long. I've used an ereader for about a year and a half and I actually get annoyed when I read regular books. I hate turning the pages and having to hold it up- too heavy.

    1. Same here, I fought against the kindle. My mother brought it for because because she said it would be better than lugging books around all day.It took me about a year before I used it, but after that....It's the love of my life!!!!!


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